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Spindrift  Sizing Information


The majority of Spindrift caps fit the average adult head of 20 to 22 inches in circumference. You will see, as you view the images, that small variations are identified. The fit will be described as snug, average or generous. Please remember to consider the hair that the hat needs to cover: short? thick? long? etc.

Cap sizing

Snug fit means:

• fits a 20 inch to 21 inch head circumference*

• feels snug, neatly shaped up to the crown and just reaches the ears

Average fit means:

• fits 21 inch to 22 inch head circumference*

• feels stretchy and has extra depth through the crown. It comes well down

  over the ears.

Generous fit means:

• 22 inch head circumference*

  1. feels stretchy and has extra depth through the crown and comes well down  

  over the ears.

* head circumference measurement refers to the measure around the skull       

  just above the eyebrows.


Scarf dimensions are approximate and in the case with the pom-poms they are included with the measurement.This information will be shown with each image.


The socks are individually sized 9 1/2, 10, 10 1/2, 11, 11 1/2, 12. To know which size to  order, stand and place your foot on a piece of paper, then trace it. Measure from the back of your heel to the tip of your big toe, whatever the measurement is, order a 1/2 size larger. The specific sock sizes are shown with the image.

Mitts and gloves

Spindrift gloves and mitts generally fit the average man or woman's hand. To make sure your glove or mitt fits well, measure around the widest part of your hand, not including your thumb. Then measure from the wrist to the end of your longest finger. The specific sizes of the mitts and gloves are shown with the image.


When you are interested in a Spindrift item, it is best to contact us.

All items are hand knit, therefore not all items are in stock at all times.

You may wish for a different colour or size than shown.

You may want a custom order. Just contact us, and we will do our best to accommodate your choice.

Quality Control

Spindrift Handknits have passed the Quality of Standard's of the Craft Council of Newfoundland and Labrador. You can check out criteria at: and follow the link for Standards of Quality.

Spindrift Handknits have also passed the criteria for the "Crafts of Character" Branding program sponsored by the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador. When you purchase a Spindrift product you will see attached the "Crafts of Character" Tag.

To find out more about this program check out follow the link for the Dept. of Innovation Trade and Rural Development, Craft Division.

Each knitter that works with Spindrift has passed a test demonstrating their knitting skills before becoming part of the Spindrift team.

Spindrift products are knit using 100% wool processed at Briggs and Little Woolen Mills.  They have been dying and spinning yarns for 150 years.  The wool is pre-shrunk and colourfast.  For more information on this process check out their website and take a virtual tour.( )

Every piece of Spindrift knitting is personally inspected by the owner Christine LeGrow .

Return Policy:

If your Spindrift item fails to meet your expectations, we will gladly exchange it for another of equal value.

Spindrift items are knit with 100% wool and the proper care instructions should be followed. You will need to keep your receipt showing your date of purchase and you need to pay the return postage.

Care Instructions

With the proper care, Spindrift hand knits will keep you warm and cozy for a long time. All Spindrift products are handwashable 100 % wool. Here are the washing instructions for wool:

• Handwash.  Mild soap in cool to lukewarm water.

• Squeeze suds through gently.

• Do not soak for an extended period.

• Rinse several times, fabric softener may be added to final rinse.

• Squeeze water out.  DO NOT WRING.

• Always support the wet garment.

• Roll in a towel to take out excess water.

• Reshape to original measurement while wet.

• Lay flat to dry away from direct heat and sunlight.

• Do not hang to dry.

Spindrift Handknits

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