Thank you so much for taking the time to check out our website!

We want you to think of Spindrift, when you think of traditional, high quality hand knit 

wear.  At Spindrift, we design our own patterns and use a kaleidoscope of colour.  Our 

knitted items are not just for keeping you warm, but in style too!  This website

introduces you to a sampling of what Spindrift offers.

Spindrift is all about hand knitting with wool and staying connected to a worthwhile

part of our past.  Years ago, almost everybody could knit and usually preferred to work

with wool.  Today, it is still a good idea as wool has many good features…natural

warmth, durability, and sustainability… which never goes out of style.  There are still

individuals interested in taking the time to hand knit an item to wear.  It becomes even

more special when it is a custom order and the knitter is knitting that cap, scarf, mitts

or socks, just for you!

At Spindrift, we do use some traditional patterns that have been handed down through 

generations.  The basics include socks, trigger mitts and aran caps, as they are always

popular.  So we keep on knitting them.

I have been knitting for many years and especially like designing new knitwear.  My

husband, Derrick, has endless patience and stamina, thank goodness, as he hand makes

the hundreds of pom-poms that adorn many of our cosy caps and scarves.

My daughter Laurie is a fantastic knitter.  Her specialty is the Rune cap, which was her concept and design.  Laurie takes English quotes and sayings and translates them into Ancient Icelandic Rune symbols.  She knits these symbols into hats, combining it with fabulous colour combinations.  On this website, you will see these, and Laurie’s other designs.

My son Derrick, is responsible for the idea and design of one of our most popular items - the organic catnip capelin - a cat toy.  It is hand knit, as a skin, by one of our knitters.  Then Derrick stuffs it with catnip and wool and embellishes it until it resembles an anatomically correct fish (capelin).  I believe there are lots of happy cats out there because of this fun and interactive item. 

Finally, the most important part of Spindrift are the more than two dozen highly skilled knitters that meticulously hand knit every item – from the traditional to the exclusive.

I buy my raw wool from local farmers who do not have a use for the wool.  I buy every bit I can get.  It is good for the sheep.  It is good for the farmer. And it is good for Spindrift.  I send the raw wool to Briggs and Little Woolen Mills.  (You can check out their website to learn what they are all about.)  I use the Heritage worsted weight yarn.  Every item you see on this website is hand knit using this top quality yarn.

So browse through and pick your favourite.  If you still want to know more, contact me.  I will gladly answer your questions.


Christine LeGrow

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